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road trip

Xmas improvised roadtrip went very well thanks to our hosts...
8am-breakfast in the hague,holland
1pm-lunch in belgium (not sure where but not far from riesling region,nyam nyam)
5pm - many gluweins in luxembourg (was probably the most extravagang place in town that week)
9pm - dinner and drinks in Thionville, France...

Today had the most charming breakfast in france (I start to understand why the rest of france is cooler than paris), dinner in antwerpen,belgium and joint in the coolest coffee shop in the hague(the cremers) followed by in-depth discussion with champagne (thank u duty free for xmas offers)...
During our discussion we covered several types of girls in relationships - "sunk costs thinking", "toxic assets" and "flagship stores"...

Eh,vsegda bi tak horosho I v takoi kompanii...

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