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Vse bydet chydno...

First of all, thank you to everyone who participated in the survey,left comments there - it honestly made my day! I had no idea so many real people actually read me... I'm flattered and I will keep the blog the same trying to write month good posts on career,work and living outside Russia. And I will answer all the comments next few days.
As for previous post-thank you for your reaction. I won't extend on the topic here anymore but looks like my emotional outbreak had a good result to two of us trying to find a common ground and not create mess out of nothing. I will answer to all the comments about ex-boyfriends(who'll miss a good boy gossip?). And I guess I need a separate post - what to do if your very close friend starts doing unheard of things and risks messing their life for a very long time. Do u step in and take control? Do u leave them alone? Do u disapprove and walk away till they're back to normal. Trust me, I've been having these thoughts for a long 9months now...story would a blog top hit but too private to share. Desole.

Good things:
-looks like this best friend is coming back to normal, officially not married anymore and had nice dinner with my parents yesterday. Fingers crossed I'll have a permanent place to visit in Paris soon and will see her more often:)
-my offcial first (and last?) Internal interview is in 2weeks - I'll write a post about my career development soon, not sure locked or not. In any case the train is moving very slow,BUT moving.
-i bought tickets to Royal Albert Hall for Cirque Du Soleil "totem" - so excited!!! Plus got exclusive, slightly cheaper tickets with my American Express card. We saw CORTEO in paris in november and it was incredible.
-my cleaning lady (who,I was told,is 26 and married) did a great job- flat looks perfect and so nice... Best 30sterling spent in a long while.
-actually other 30sterling were very wisely spent on NIKE sports pants - trying to hit gym 3 times a week, followed by sauna and loving it... It's mazing how you can change your mood,energy and how ur body feels in just 1.5hours.
-Rome in 4weeks. Can't wait for our italian weekend...:)))mmm...
-came home at 10pm after gym to find a clean flat(thanks vanda), nice dinner (thanks itsu and R.) And a new chanel perfume... Always glad to receive a nice gift without a reason. Well, apparently there is a reason and perfume should be considered as a "pre-box" for those who knows... Well...will see:))

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