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bicester village

Went to Bicester Village today - the biggest designer outlet near London popular as it has everything from French Connection,Polo Ralph Lauren, Guess to D&G,Prada,Gucci and Valentino.
I was a good girl and only bought thing on my "I need" list (not cuz I'm generally good but cuz didn't like anything else) - CK jeans (32 sterling + 10 for alteration), Prada jeans (110 sterling + 10 for alteration) and small CK present for R.
To get to the place the easiest way is to take a car or a special bus (23 sterling return)but either way it's about 1.5-2hrs from London city centre and quite tiring.

My conclusion the place is good if you need quite a lof of clother/shoes preferably basic - wool and cashmere sweaters, suits, t-shirts, jeans etc. One of the most popular shops is Ralph Lauren as his clother are normally timeless. Same with CK jeans and La Perla. I wouldn't be that excited for Prada,Gucci and D&G type of stuff. First the shops are full of Chinese tourists,secondly 90% of inventory are very recognisable, almost no "classical items" or no decent sizes for classical items (esp.Burberry). However if you don't care for collections and which season it was/like bright colours/ready to look for something (I got nice prada jeans and sugarshrek got very nice classy Valentino boots) you might wanna give it a try as prices are very rewarding...
I honestly think place is better for guys as Zegna and Paul Smith and Superdry almost don't have collections and associated colours and shops are big and empty.
For girls added bonus as La Perla, Wolford (somebody explain to me-WHY is it so cool) and CK underwear...

Hope this helps you,little shoppers!

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