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are u happy?

I have quite a few facebook friends from different stages of my life whose check-ns cover the following places in less than 6 months: hotel de paris in monaco, hotel de russie in rome, stopover in dubai, couple of weeks in maldives, miami, New York City, Paris, club opening in London. I'm 100% serious, these are real people I've met and this is their real life.
I always have two questions in my mind,maybe u could help...
1. How do u support this lifestayle? Parents,hoping for their girl to pick up an oligarch between her trips? Boyfriend(s)? Can't imagine a job which will pay u enough and give u so many days off a year.
Question 1-more important-are they happy? This life looks so careless and beautiful - glowing skin, healthy look,last season YSL dresses, lots of sun and business class flights... Or in the end of the day this is relative and once-a-year 2wks trip to Spain bring more happiness than jet-setting as it's long-awaited...
Very random thought...

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