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Une idee geniale...

During last 15min of yoga I had an amazing idea... Really good. Only need to "get R.buying for it" as they say at work.

I'm quite stressed about buying a dress for the registration (and don't forget the shoes).right?
We all know that good dresses are...right - cheaper in Paris than in London. Ask Becky_Sharp! And,c'mon,nothing can be compared to avenue Montaigne shopping! And Jimmy Choo and Loubutains(misspelled) I'm sure are cheaper in Paris. Savings may not offset extra €420 for two (eurostar+hotel) but it's my birthday in the end of july and we'll need a break after hosting R.parents (even thou we love them lots) for a month...

So...My birthday weekend, weekend away from parents, enjoyable shopping experience... How can he say NO to such a good plan?:)) and quite budget-y if u depriciate the dress/shoes over 5years...

Should probably remind him how he hanged up on me yesterday at 10pm after his boss suddenly had to know which risk they're carrying on overnight for Greece:))

Shopping,Paris- maybe I could live with this wedding idea:)))

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Tags: Париж, девичье, позитив

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