bleu_claire (bleu_claire) wrote,

So you think your English is fluent?

Получила еще один шедевр от коллеги - все же в Британии определить происхождение и background человека по языку так же просто, как дома. У нас отношения не очень - оттого явный легкий сарказм.

It is utterly astounding just how quickly time has been passing by since that assessment center in Luton, at which time you were the scary grad I had to impress at the meal; I certainly do thank you for any kind words you may have put in at that time. So,as yet another grad departs for the real world of full time positions, it is most comforting to know that the company has gained someone of such impeccable judgement!

А вы можете по неродному языку что-то сказать о собеседнике?
Tags: les langues

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