August 6th, 2012


Support Team GB.

Кто не в курсе - англичане на третьем месте по медалям и счастливы безумно (и я тоже кстати).
В пятнциу получили мейл от IT директора. Only in the UK...

We have been getting complaints in IT from users that Internet access is slow this week. This is because people are streaming video from the BBC website and other sources and watching it at their desks. In fact we estimate that 50% of web bandwidth is currently being used for this purpose. We can understand why people want to keep up to date with Team GB and we don't want to block this service. However, lack of bandwidth will impact on business critical systems like Amadeus Vista, and general voice quality.

So can I ask all staff to

   -keep video streaming to an minimum and to get your line manager's permission to do it during your working hours

·         -use the live sport text update pages like this one to get your information

Your co-operation is appreciated.