February 19th, 2016


Caroline Hirons skincare routine

Я обещала мне кажется еще в декабре написать про Caroline Hirons skincare но между ударной работой и пьянками по выходным не дошла до этого. Учитывая то, что несмотря на ударную работу и пьянки и клубы в январе кожа продолжает собирать комплименты и моя коллега сегодня заставила ей написать "your skin secret" то скопирую и сюда - задавайте вопросы.

I’ve started following Caroline Hirons skincare blog and sort of following her advice in November 15 and super happy – below few details.

Her blog is http://www.carolinehirons.com/. The main things you need to know are summarised in this post - http://www.carolinehirons.com/2013/06/routines-cheat-sheet.html?m=1

It might seem a bit confusing/overkill at first but in reality everything is super simple and doesn’t require any effort or extra time or lots of money. I’ll try to summarise below.

· Wash your face in the morning and in the evening. She’s a big fan of washing your face with flannels (wash clothes) – so you put cleanser on dry skin, put water on your flannel and wash the cleanser off. She recommends not to put it under water in the shower as it’s often too hot. Flannels are sold in boots and waitrose for £1-2. Once you try- you’ll never stop, trust me. If you wear make up or sun screen check out her post about double-cleansing routine.
· To wash your face she recommends having 2-5 cleansers and not one as you need different ones for cold weather, after a long day or gym session, when you’ve been home the whole day etc. My favourites are Clinique Take the day off balm, Vichy cleansing oil, Avene gentle cleanser. A lot of people love Emma Hardie morning balm but I’m not a big fan for £40.
· Next step after you washed your face is acid toner – super important – this is where most people see the difference. First aid pads or Clarins exfoliating toner for the mornings and something stronger for the evenings – e.g. Pixi Tonic (£20) or P50 Recherché Biologique (£50)
· Next step is eye cream.
· Next step is optional but recommended for winter or when your skin is dry – hydrating toner or spray – there are lots – I use Avene or Clinique Moisture Surge spray.
· Next step is serum – this one is hard to suggest as it depends on your concerns – fine lines, hydration, acne etc. The golden rule is Retinol and/or moisturising serum in the evening and Vitamin C in the morning. I use Skinceuticals Retinol 0.3 in the pm, Vichy Aqualia serum in the pm, Good genes in the pm if I am going out the next day. There are lots of Vitamin C ones in the morning – the most famous one is by Skinceutaicals but there are cheaper version to start with. This is where it’s good to look through her blog to understand what can help your concerns.
· Final step is moisturiser – doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive as you’ve already got all your nutrients for the day. This is more like coverage. I used Vichy Aqualia, Dior Hydralife, Kate Sommerville and planning to try Chanel Hydra range. But anything from Avene or Vichy would do the trick for less money.

This is it pretty much – as I said – once you understand the logic it doesn’t take much time or money but the results are well worth it for quite a few people I know who follow her.
Let me know if you have any questions.