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Champagne Socialist

Решив выехать из SW postcode я решила открыть глаза новому миру. Оказываются на Севера Лондона живут интересные люди... Пример первый и еще один прекрасный пример английского языка -champagne socialist. Очень актуально по-моему. По простому - те, кто любят говорит про мир во всем мире и про равенство и братство, но при этом не спешать распрощаться с устрицами и шампанским во имя this right cause. Понятие, конечно, полно сарказма, и придумано было консерваторами. Well, I might change the postcode but I am not changing my values.

The label arose from the perceived activity of proposing toasts to famous socialists with champagne. A similar concept, with aristocracy in place of capitalism, comes from the 19th-century philosopher Alexander Herzen, who in From the Other Shore (1855) wrote "It is they, none other, who are dying of cold and hunger...while you and I in our rooms on the first floor are chatting about socialism 'over pastry and champagne.'"
Comparable terms are limousine liberal and gauche caviar.

Champagne socialist is a pejorative political term originating in the United Kingdom.The phrase is used to describe self-identified socialists whose comfortable upper middle class lifestyles are perceived to be incompatible with their professed political convictions. The term is used by opposing politicians to portray and ridicule their opponents as hypocritical

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