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Проф.рагбисты, правильное питание (!), инвестбанкиры и у Рауля случилась affair...

В общем, у Рауля affair...Самый настоящий bromance. Сегодня он сказал, что Саймон завтра приготовит ему завтрак. Я спросила, не хочет ли Саймон приготовить завтрак мне в субботу утром.
Все помнят Саймона - идеального мужчину, я точно знаю, что skinny_suka помнит:))) Я кстати только что узнала его фамилию и из FT узнала, что Саймон то Оксфорд закончил - not just a pretty face. По письму внизу видно кстати...
В общем, внизу его емейл Раулю (которому он завтрак готовит, ага) и бонусом - ура - фотографии Саймона для страждущих (все, правда, в комментариях написали, что им бывшие проф спортсмены-нынешние банкиры не формат, но я то знаю...)
Если серьезно, то думаю, мейл будет полезен и девочкам и мальчикам. Не забывайте ссылку при копировании (c)
[Секреты правильного питания от профессионалов...]
Rightio, better late than never but here are my dyslexic based thoughts.

Key points:

  • Diet- looking at following a more Paelo and organic based diet.

  • 80/20 be good 80% of the time and relax for 20%. This is not a diet but a 'lifestyle change' cheesy I know

  • Supplements- let's get rid of most of these and concentrate on the healthy ones

  • Training- mixing it up, 5 sessions, to include gym, interval training and core/ stretching to achieve your goals.

Aim is for an increase in bulk around the arms and chest whilst staying in good shape.


Basic Paelo concept as discussed, eat as our Palaeolithic ancestors did. Try and stick to organic where possible and try and avoid complex carbs (accept for your 20% off time). So, cut back on rice, pasta, bread, cake etc. This is a half decent explanation.

Focus on fish, fruit, veg, salads.

Snacks- nuts, seeds

We should also look to include some anti oxidants into your diet, see attachments. To be discussed.

Super foods
Protein shakes and smoothes
The rabbit droppings (for post training)

I think you are taking too many additional supplements (most you should get from your diet anyway).

I think a good multi vita (Tear Nova are good) , Omega 3 (Nordic Naturals are a good brand) and Vita D (although you see a decent amount of the sun so might not be as important)- Natures answer brand is pretty good for this.

I would like to see you cut the rest out (i.e.creatine etc) and see how we get on. Keep going with the protein but only have it during or post work out. There shouldn't be any need to have more unless you've missed a meal.


Basic principle of weights; high reps low weight, super setting and working to exhaustion will increase definition and a bit of size (this is the approach I suggest). Low reps and high weight will increase bulk but not in a great way I reckon.

Two weights sessions a week should be enough.

You can focus on one session all over work out (upper body and cross training and CV sessions will take care of the legs) and one burn on the chest and arms. Try and separate them out so there is at least a couple of days inbetween.

Example upper body session:

Incline bench press with bar or dumbbells. 3 X 12 9weight so struggling on the last couple of the set).
Superset with bent over flys 3 x 10

Seated shoulder press 3 x 12 (bringing the weights across your chest as part of the movement)
Superset V, L, Ls shoulder work 3 X 5 (I'll show you how to do this)

Bent over row (bar or dumbbells) 3 x 8
Upright row 3 x 8

Seated bicep curl 3 x 10
Superset triceps pull down 3 x 10

We can work in some power weights if you can't find anywhere to do cross fit.

Chest and Bicep specific:

Flat bench
Next four could be supersetted with flys or Power press ups and close hand press (hands in a diamond)

Decline bench

Close grip bench press

Seated fly on the machine

Seated and standing bicep curls

Machine bicep curl (with the ropes)

Exhaustion curls (when you swing it up and let it down as slowly as possible)

Dips (if you can find a rack)

Don't forget, your triceps (naturally 1.5 times bigger than biceps so an easier way to increase arm size)

Standing triceps on the machine

Bench triceps with the bar going over your head

Other training

So, if you are doing 5/6 sessions a week its all about the intensity. We could look at:
2 weights
1 interval training
1 cross fit or similar (will be weights element too)
1 yoga/ Pilates

I've probably massively contradicted myself and it all sounds very boring but it's worth the effort and we should flesh it out with a discussion.

П.С. Секси фото не вышло у гугла - apologies. Верьте на слово сейчас он куда более impressive. Рауль плохое не выберет.

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