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Замечательная статья про ЮК и ЮСА журналиста New York Times который после 18 лет в Лондоне возвращается в родной нью йорк.
Не мне судить про американскую часть рассказа, но Британская гениальна.
Два абзаца внизу эпопей.

After years of living happily among Britons who by New York standards would be considered functioning alcoholics, I now find my old friends’ tendency to order wine by the glass, not the bottle, unnecessarily Puritanical.

I’ve grown accustomed to British friends who, when it comes to personal matters, don’t ask much, don’t tell much and really, really, don’t want to get into it. We lived for more than 15 years next to a couple who corresponded with us almost exclusively by letter. I have become an expert in the art of the anodyne weather discussion. I’m chronically sorry.


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