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Лучше не сказать...

Я после брексита не писала и сейчас бы не написала, но слова ниже так ярко передают моё отношение к происходящему, что не могу не поделиться. Первый абзац для меня на 100% отражает то, что происходило в Лондоне (и в социальных сетях включая ЖЖ) перед референдумом.

"To all who are taking the airwaves to express shock and awe about these recent events, may I say, we did it to ourselves. Belittling a man and his supporters to the point of humiliation created a silent revolution. People could not openly discuss what they really felt without being labeled a racist or a bigot, something many Trump supporters are not, many of whom last night in the streets of DC I had open discussions with about their vision of the future. Both camps had their bad yet we chose to paint an entire political movement with such a thick coat and broad brush that we alienated these people to the point of being scared to voice their opinions, and instead create a silent movement. Sounds a bit like bullying no?

The American people have spoken. We have lots to do. One thing that will not help is continuing to bash our next POTUS and humiliate those who hold some of his values. It is up to us as a nation to move forward and not allow any movement back. I think we will all find Trump to be far more compassionate and liberal than expected.

We can not tell one side to not hate yet turn around and hate an outcome we do not like. Together we will conquer. Divided we will fall. One nation under whatever god or non god you believe in, We the people of all races of the United States of America must unite and move forward in making our nation one of love, compassion and equality. We have all spoken, we have all seen the results. There is only time for action." - A.
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