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London Ladies returns this November

Дамы и дамы, после нескольких лет молчания London Ladies возвращаются.

Вся детальная информация внизу, но вкратце для нашей благотворительности мы организуем вечер с вином и моим любимым стилистом/personal shopper. Генри расскажет про всякие интересные около-гардеробные темы, ответит на все ваши (и наши) вопросы, а мы потом выпьем и поболтаем по душам с видом на Парламент. Тк место очень интимное предлагаю не откладывать дело в долгий ящик и «купить билет» (=сделать пожертвование) сегодня.

До встречи!!

WHAT: Fashion evening with Henry Wilfrid, Personal Stylist and Fashion expert. Expect great views over the Houses of Parliament, nice wine and nibbles and a fireside chat and Q&A with Henry.

WHY: Please support Help Impact’s great causes and projects to help underprivileged children around the world! We help with small things that have a big impact. Our projects include support for a non-profit medical clinic in rural Guatemala, physical rehabilitation for children with disabilities, psychological support for victims of intimate partner violence, provision of nannies for orphans during hospital stays (

WHO: Henry is an experienced personal stylist and university lecturer, who worked for many years for leading global fashion brands like Tom Ford (

At our event he will talk about:

- Identifying your unique sense of style

- Building a wardrobe that works for you

- How to allocate your shopping budget between high end and high street brands

- Successful seasonal shopping

- Most common wardrobe challenges and ways to overcome them

- Wardrobe and style troubleshooting Q&A

WHEN: Tuesday 12 November 2019, from 6pm until 9pm, the discussion will start at 6.30pm

WHERE: The Corniche, 23 Albert Embankment, SE1 7GG, 19th floor

HOW: to confirm your attendance please make a £30 donation to Help Impact using this link

Your donation serves as a registration confirmation and provides entrance to the event and a welcome drink.

Please provide your full name which we will add to our guest list for security purposes.

“That's one small donation for you, one giant opportunity for a struggling child”!


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