bleu_claire (bleu_claire) wrote,

Морфологический оргазм.

Все произошло сегодня утром.

Я еще весной порадовалась, что к нам на программу взяли мальчика из аристократической английской семьи прожившего 16 лет в Париже.... Мальчик был чудо как хорош собой, а главное манерами, а главное very well-spoken. If you know what I mean.... Взяли там же, где Тома Дж. и БЛРК....

Давно не про мою честь, но как хорошо прошел емейл с утра...Наслаждаемся оборотами речи.

It would appear that you are in luck as there are indeed two of us in Hannover at
the moment. Unfortunately the coffee is merely acting as a nice fragrance in the
fridge as neither of us are coffee drinkers but I shall nonetheless offer myself
up for the favour you require.
Also, would you by any chance still have contact with any similar aged
people here at *** D? We are having the ex trainee lunch today which should
aid in meeting others however any extra names are always good (I am in a team of
just 5 and even then I don't see them all that often as I am in a
seperate office with the busiest person I have ever

Hope Paris is going well (I did rather love my placement year there). If you want an
amazing steak and wine check out L'Ecurie next to the Pantheon (5e) and def hit
up Showcase club under the Pont Alexandre!
Anyhow let me know what mission awaits me.

Tags: les langues

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